Just before we had Briggs, we had some friends and their family visit from Minnesota. We originally became friends living in Wisconsin when we worked at Pottery Barn together, when I had one kid and she was a newlywed. Fast forward many years and we have 5 kids (although technically when they were here we only had four!) and she’s pregnant with twins – #5 and #6. We got to see them for two days before they went on an Arizona adventure vacation – I’m pretty sure they saw more of the state in a week and a half than we have in our time living here!

Coming from Minnesota, they were loving our warm weather. And most everyone believes when you’re weather is as warm as we are that it’s swimming weather. But what they don’t realize is the pool is still pretty chilly until early May. But that doesn’t deter our guests from jumping in (it happens every year with our spring break visitors) and of course our kids cave to peer pressure and jump in right alongside them.

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With so many young kids between us – and two pregnant mommas – we kept a pretty low profile. We did venture out to our favorite park for the afternoon, but other than that we stayed pretty close to home and the kids were happy playing with each other regardless of where they were playing.
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