It seems as though we brought Briggs home from the hospital and time stood still for several days. I had no where I had to be, very little I had to do and I was up most of the night with him. I was in recovery mode and all the days have blended together in my mind and most of it is a blur.

And as much as time seems still – I look at pictures taken just a week ago and think how in the world has he changed so much? It’s been less than two weeks. And yet his squishy-ness has started to fade and his eyes are more alert and he’s definitely gaining a lot of weight. I suppose the reality is time is never still. Even when everything is a blur – time consistently marches on. I can lay in bed most of the morning (after a 5am bedtime) and yet I have a family living life beyond the walls of my bedroom and I want to be a part of it. And it’s clear Briggs is not wasting any time growing and changing.

 photo 20160306-DSC_5469_1.jpg
 photo 20160306-DSC_5466_1.jpg
 photo 20160306-DSC_5494_1.jpg
I’m glad the fog is slowly starting to lift and it feels good.