We made it a week with Steve out of town – me and 5 kids – and we survived. Luckily, this guy was a gem. He slept relatively well, woke up minimally at night and went right back to sleep. Hallie stepped up and was at my side asking what she could do to help all the time. And she’s at an age where she is really helpful and she loves to help – give her a couple more years and friends will be far more interesting. She held Briggs, cleaned up the kitchen, changed diapers, put Cannon to bed. She’s in training mode for when she’s old enough to babysit!

Briggs is still spitting up – the doctor is not concerned because he’s gaining weight quickly and he doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable. But it makes for a very smelly kid. He is loving bath time, even when I have to clean dry milk from under his neck! His eczema really hit a new height this week but we’re getting it under control – at least for now.

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