Spring in Arizona seems to bring all our favorite people to visit. We recently saw the Tysons; our Wisconsin turned Utah friends.

It seems as though each time we see them one of us has had another kid! It’s fun watching our kids grow up. They see each other twice a year and yet each time we get together, it’s the reuniting of best friends and it’s hard to rip them apart.
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There is never enough time with this family. We sat on the couch that evening (with 10 kids between us running around and screaming) and looked through our old blog books at all our adventures together. (And there were a lot of them!). We reminisced about our babysitting group days – and laughed about what that would look like now if we got the whole group back together. It seemed as though every time we turned the page, this family was there. At the lake, birthday parties, camping, holidays, weekends…they were there. They were the good ol’ days, with good ol’ friends. And even now, they still make the blog book!
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