I saw this quote online and I couldn’t help but chuckle:
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Admittedly, this is me. I rarely say “I’ll think about it”, instead I say, “We’ll see”. But it means the same thing. I never thought I’d be that mom. The one that keeps kicking the can down the street, but that’s what I’m doing every time I say, “We’ll see”. Part of me doesn’t want the fight; hoping that they lose interest in it whatever it is. Sometimes I say it so I can buy enough time to come up with a good excuse. Other times I say it so I can come up with a better consolation prize.

For example: Bennett is known for asking to watch a movie. I will be cleaning up breakfast and he’ll ask if he can watch a movie after dinner. I can never commit to saying yes because a yes to him is a blood oath, regardless of any reasonable reason why plans change. A “no” makes him frustrated and angry and I don’t want him asking why he can’t watch a movie 8 hours from now, 6 hours from now, 3 hours from now…you get the picture.

So I say, “I don’t know, we’ll see.” Some nights it works out and he’s in heaven. Other times he gets a consolation prize of going for a walk as a family and he can ride his “super fast bike” which in his mind is equally as great as a movie – and he didn’t have to hear the word “no”. So my “we’ll see” isn’t always bad!

I tell you, parenting is one part love, one part patience and one part creativity. (Coming up with a solution that dodges a meltdown takes some serious creativity!)