12 o’clock church means we have plenty of time to kill before we need to look presentable. Some Sundays they play great together and I think, “Wow, this is actually quite pleasant.” Other mornings, they’re at each other’s throats from the minute they roll out of bed (clearly rolling out from the wrong side). This particular morning was the latter – which means they’re banned from playing together (aside from Cannon because he’s usually not the problem) and they each must pick they’re own activity.

Of course they don’t want to play in the playroom or even in their own rooms – instead, they’re all gathered on the hardwood floor of the living room. Each eyeing their siblings activity and calling dibs next. They were relatively quiet and kind for almost an hour. The drawback – it didn’t get cleaned before we left for church and so upon arriving home, Steve made his usual comment…”Oh no Kara, someone ransacked the place!” He’s predictable.
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