Has it really been two months since I was lying in the hospital giving birth?!

He’s 9 weeks old and just starting to give us some smiles. He weighed in this week at 11.1 lbs. Definitely one of our smaller children. He sleeps one 6-7 hour stretch at night and it is glorious. His clogged tear duct continually leaves his eye red and full of goop. Pretty sure every one of our kids has experienced this. He’s still not a huge fan of the swing, but he tried out the bumbo seat for the first time and he was content for a length of time. He looked ridiculously old sitting in that thing. Little man is growing up.

He had a big day on Sunday when Steve blessed him in our church, surrounded by so many family and friends (more on that to come). It was beautiful.

He was a third wheel to a weekend of family wedding events and he handled it like a champ. He was passed around and loved on by everyone around him. Fortunately, he hasn’t entered the “stranger danger” phase – but I anticipate it happening shortly.
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