Last week we celebrated Bennett’s birthday. He took doughnuts to his preschool class which made him everybody’s best friend. He loved the attention. He wore a birthday crown and they sang to him. Who doesn’t love going to school on their birthday at that age? I actually wouldn’t know…my birthday is over Christmas vacation and I didn’t have the luxury of celebrating in class or having my name read over the announcements…not that I would have liked that type of attention anyway! 😉

Bennett chose a birthday lunch at Old McDonald’s. Earlier that morning, I was in our bedroom and I could hear Steve trying to negotiate a better eating location for lunch.

S: “Buddy, where do you want to go for lunch.”
B: “Old McDonalds”
S: “Think about it – you can go anywhere you want”
B: “Old Mcdonalds”
S: “What about Chick fil a, or anywhere else?”
B: “I want to go to Old McDonalds”

I gave Steve a hard time for trying to persuade him in any direction but the golden arches. His efforts were fruitless.

 photo 20160426-IMG_4664.jpg

That evening he opened gifts. He’s been asking for Legos nonstop. We’ve got buckets full of Legos, but he wanted his own Legos. Ones that Hunter can’t take away from him when he’s angry. So we bought him a bucket. Of course they’ll all get mixed up and no one will be able to tell them apart. But at least now Hunter can’t claim them all as his own!
 photo 20160426-DSC_6986.jpg
 photo 20160426-DSC_6988.jpg

We celebrated with cake this weekend with the family. His older cousin has a birthday just around the corner so we sang to the both of them.
 photo 20160501-DSC_7381.jpg
I love this photo of Paxton covering Bennett’s mouth as he tries to blow out the candles. This is their relationship. Silly and playful and totally awesome.
 photo 20160501-DSC_7383.jpg
They’re buddies.
 photo 20130519-DSC_1280.jpg