Last week we had a lot of family visiting for a wedding. All of Steve’s siblings and spouses came into town and his parents flew in from Ghana. With everyone gathered, Steve’s sister had her daughter baptized and we blessed Briggs in church. The blessing was given during our church services and was performed by Steve with the help of his Dad, brothers, brothers-in-law, nephews and two of his best friends. There were a lot of loving hands in that circle to aid in that blessing.
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And it was fun to see everyone sitting together at church. They joked that the congregation swells considerably when there’s a Pothier blessing.
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Each of our boys have worn the same outfit for the blessing including the pants my mom made for Hunter many years ago. (Aside from Bennett in which we couldn’t find the shirt when it came time to bless him so he was blessed in a different top.)
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And although Hallie wasn’t blessed in the same outfit I couldn’t not include her picture as well – after all she was blessed in a dress my mom made for her.
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I was thinking back to blessings of all our children. One in Rexburg, one in Milwaukee, one at Aspen Grove in Utah, one in AZ at Hallie’s baptism and Briggs in AZ. Out of all of the blessings, Hunter’s was the smallest circle of people: Steve, Steve’s dad who had flown out and three friends who we became close with during our time there. All the rest were large circles of family. But in the end, it really doesn’t matter who, or how many people were there – its the blessing that matters and Steve has performed each blessing. He does a great job at preparing himself to give that sweet baby a blessing for his/her life. I love listening to him pray for our children, it never gets old.