I had many people ask about the playroom toys since their swift removal late one night.

As an update – it took a while for the kids to even notice that the toys were gone – they were watching TV in the room oblivious to the fact that it was fairly empty. That told us a lot. It wasn’t until they saw the boxes in our room that the tears and yelling started to play out. One child in particular was furious and made it known just how angry they were. The two younger kids kept trying to pull toys out of the boxes when I wasn’t in the room – as if I wouldn’t notice the lightsaber that miraculously materialized in their hands. Silly kids – have they not figured out parents know everything?

I’ll admit, I removed the toys without a concrete plan in place. I just needed to make a point and that’s the best I could come up with at the time. And two weeks later, the toys are still boxed away in our room. I’ve quite enjoyed not having those extra toys thrown throughout the house. But am I really ready to get rid of them all together? Not yet. But they could use a good purging. (Which I do regularly, but clearly I need to be more liberal.)

After purging, I think I’ll box up the remaining and take them out to the garage. We’ll rotate through them by bringing one box in for a bit and then taking it back to the garage. I used to rotate more consistently a few years ago and then our kids were such different ages with different interests that more toys ended up in the house than in the garage.

But I’m recommitted.

I need less clutter, less to pick up and less fighting over toys.

On an unrelated and happier note – we have a weekend just around the corner and oddly enough it doesn’t include hours and hours of yard work, a nice change in pace from the last 6 months.

This is how we all feel about that! Happy weekend.
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