Having a baby can be a tough adjustment. It’s like hopping on a merry-go-round for a good solid 10 rotations, then jumping off and running as fast as you can in any direction. There’s a good chance you’ll stumble, throw-up and then you’ll most likely end up on your back, nauseous as the clouds and sky continue to circle above you. If you’re lucky, you might be able to perform this task with grace and make it look easy. But no matter how graceful you try and make such a difficult dismount – it’s doesn’t change the fact that you spent 10 rotations on the merry-go-round – essentially jumbling every single aspect of your life. And it takes some time laying on your back before the clouds start to slow and you start to see straight again.

Unfortunately, the whole time you’re laying on your back getting your bearings straight – life is still moving on around you. Laundry still has to be done, dinner still needs to be cooked and children still need to get to and from school. It’s all a little overwhelming.

Luckily, the effects of a merry-go-round are typically temporary. I finally feel as though I’m not on my back anymore. The clouds and the sky have slowed in their spinning. The dizziness has subsided. I’m thinking more clearly and I’m overcome with gratitude for all those that stepped in to help us out.

Countless friends, neighbors, family and church members have served us over the last two months. They’ve taken our kids to play, made dinner, dropped off gifts, came to visit, given us words of encouragement – all of which was deeply appreciated. On more than one occasion their acts of service were a direct answer to my prayers in a time of need. People are kind and giving and supportive. The load on our family during this time was significantly lighter thanks to all those who offered unsolicited help (because we all know it’s hard to ask for help sometimes!)

Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Baby thank you card