We spent the holiday weekend with lots of family and this little guy was passed from aunt, to uncle, to cousin and back again. It was a rude awakening yesterday when he wasn’t held the majority of the time he was awake!

He’s three months old and just as lovely as ever. I find myself saying, “I love you so much I want to eat your cheeks.” I heard Hallie this morning repeating the same phrase – he’s lucky his cheeks are still in tact!

He loves bathtime.

We’re keeping his eczema at bay with a magical steroid oil. I just wish it worked as well on Bennett and Cannon.

He sleeps for 8-9 hours at night, eats and goes back to sleep fairly consistently.

We took him on his first road trip – only three hours each way – and as expected he cried a decent amount. And crying is always harder to deal with in the small space of a car.

He’s relatively happy – but once he gets worked up – it takes a while to calm him down.

He sleeps swaddled and by the time I get him in the morning he’s escaped his tight cocoon.

He’s still in 0-3 clothing but he’s on the brink of transitioning to the next size. He’s not so little anymore!

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