Last weekend this guy was the best sport ever as he tagged along to Steve and my romantic getaway…to youth conference. 🙂

I was really not looking forward to taking him with us, but we’re kind of attached and come as a package deal at this point! Just the thought of having to keep him happy when he wouldn’t be on his nap schedule and then feed him every three hours when I was in full costume was daunting. To ease some anxiety, we rented a room at a nearby RV park instead of tent camping. (great move on our part – for the baby’s sake but probably more so for Steve and myself!)

The first day he was awesome and I thought it might be a fluke – but three days in all and he was a rockstar. He was in the stroller some of the time, he laid in a baby bean bag for a bit, we carried him and there were plenty of people willing to hold him. Because he was so good, Steve and I were both able to participate the entire time which we didn’t expect. (We had plan b, c and d if A didn’t work out!)

Saturday night when we returned home he flipped a switch and he was no longer our happy camper and it took some time to recover. The mountain air was obviously good to him.

Baby weekly photo project