We went from warm to scorching in no time flat. Is it time to head to Idaho yet??

With our warm weather, this guy rarely wears pants. Or shorts. Or bottoms of any type. The summer would be much more enjoyable for me if it was socially acceptable for me to go without bottoms!

Briggs has decided napping is for the weak and he only manages 20 minutes or so when his eyes are so heavy he can’t help but close them. But he makes sure to keep it short – he doesn’t like missing out on things.

The kids fight over who sits next to him in the car – even though they know that the seat comes with responsibilities like playing peek-a-boo and fixing any pacifier issues. Bennett takes the role seriously and is probably the best at keeping him entertained.

He knows me and I love it. He knows my voice. He knows my face. Nothing sweeter.

Weekly baby photo project