When it’s winter time, we watch the news and see areas of the country plummet in temperature and experience unforgiving blizzards and we think, “Wow, we’re glad we live in Arizona.”

When it’s summertime, there’s a role reversal and I’m sure most the country looks at our temperatures and says, “Wow, I’m glad we don’t live in Arizona!”

We’ve got some amazing winters and we pay for it with our summers. This last weekend was one for the books. Two consecutive days were scorchers 120 and 119 degrees. I know for most – that temperature is hard to fathom. In comparison, a hot tub usually has a standard maximum temperature of 104 degrees. The best way to describe the heat would be to turn on your oven. Let it heat up. Open the oven and put your head in. That’s how it feels every time you open the door to walk outside or get out of your car. It’s pretty warm. Definitely not a time you want to spend outside, that is unless you’re swimming, which we did.

On Sunday, we got home from church when it was 120. We needed to take our traditional father’s day picture. So we geared up for it indoors. Told the kids they need to look and smile on the first shot. When we were ready we ran out, shot for 30 seconds and ran back in.

Steve wanted to make sure it was documented at what temperature he was outside taking the picture. That’s how much he loves me!
 photo 20160619-DSC_1993.jpg
 photo 20160619-IMG_4806.jpg

Let me tell you – on our coldest days in Milwaukee we were not outside taking pictures! Nor were we going to church because church was cancelled!