We’ve had a relatively mild spring – not too warm – and it’s been lovely. We’ve been able to get a lot done outside before it got too hot.

That’s about to change because summer is coming with vengeance. This weekend it’s supposed to hit 115. That’s pretty toasty even for seasoned Arizonians. With heat like that the kids are dying to be in the pool and I’m singing praises that we finished the yard. No yard work for us this weekend. Thank heavens.

As a sidenote: Our yard has been the talk of the neighborhood for almost 6 months. And now that its done we’ve received many accolades for sticking with the never ending project. As Hallie’s bus drove by one of the last times for the school year, the driver yelled out the window, “Love the yard.” Our observant UPS man also commented on how nice it came together. He also remembered that we removed the step up to our house – the step he didn’t notice one time and tripped sending our packages flying – he’s glad we did away with it. And some stranger who clearly has seen us out there working honked repeatedly as he drove by giving us thumbs up. So glad that project is behind us.
 photo 20160601-DSC_0606.jpg