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We went on a family walk to an area that overlooked the city. It was dark and all the kids could see was the city lights in the far distance. They couldn’t see the canal several feet away. They couldn’t see the brush directly in front of them. Bennett was in awe of the view and innocently said, “You can see the whole world from here.”

After that night each time we went on a family walk, Bennett asked if we could go to the place to see the world. We’ve seen the “world” several times since then and each time Bennett is just as impressed as the first time. As far as he’s concerned, the view in front of him is the world. It’s Arizona and Idaho and China all together, and he can see it all.

I didn’t burst his bubble. And you know what – one day he’ll look over that same ridge and he’ll no longer think its the world. Not that anyone has to tell him, he’ll just know. In fact, he’ll probably forget that he ever thought it was the world. But I’ll remember. I want to remember. I want to remember his perspective at this age.
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