They say you get what you pay for…but what if you don’t get what you pay for?!

I host all the photos on this blog at photobucket. Not that I love photobucket, but it’s where I landed 8 years ago and now it would be a nightmare to switch over. A few years back I reached the maximum photos for the free account and started paying for the service – should’ve switched then. But I didn’t, so now I have 8 years of photos sitting in my account and as of lately, photobucket has been anything but reliable. At least once a month for the past several months I’ve experienced at least 24 hours where I couldn’t access the photos and a few times that my blog couldn’t access the photos which meant none of my photos would show up.

Such is the case today. I can’t upload photos. I can’t create links for photos. So instead of getting a fun silhouette of Bennett feeding the horse – you get my complaint against photobucket. I keep telling myself I need to switch services but the work associated with it is daunting. So I live with it and every time the site is down, it moves up on my to-do list!