I love seeing her at the piano. However, she doesn’t love being at the piano. She started lessons a few years back and loved them for the first year. As the songs grew harder, she didn’t like it nearly as much. I saw myself in her. I played piano as a kid and the older I got, the more I fought my time at the piano. Yet, as an adult I wish I was much better. I wish I had stuck with it. Isn’t that always the case?

Hallie stopped taking formal lessons (it’s hard to keep paying for something when you know your kid isn’t loving it) and I started going through the songs with her on my own. We’re moving at a much slower pace but we’re making progress. The hard part is she’s good. She’s got the rhythm and she picks up the songs quickly. I think that’s why it’s so hard to see her not love it. And she does enjoy it – once she has the song down. It’s the process of learning the song (which is a day or two!) that she doesn’t enjoy. But she’s being a good sport and still going through the books. I keep telling her years from now she’ll be sitting at the piano with her daughter who wants to quit and she’ll encourage her to keep going. With a smile on her face she replied, “I sure hope I don’t do this to my daughter!”

piano student