In my mind, cotton candy is the texture of summer. It’s light and airy and dyes your mouth all sorts of fun colors and leaves your hands and face completely sticky. Perhaps most parent’s nightmare. I realize I might be in the minority here, but I love myself some cotton candy. The kids know I’m a sucker for the fluffy stuff and I rarely turn down an opportunity to coat their teeth with this glorious sugar.

But I don’t share. I always get my own bag. I’m not a fan of smashed cotton candy or even worse when they lick their fingers and then go to grab more and leave their slobber marks on a perfectly good cloud of candy. And blue is my favorite, I always go for blue. Oddly enough I’m not sure the blue smile is nearly as cute on me as it is on those younger than 6 years old!
4th of July photo 20160701-DSC_2811.jpg
4th of July photo 20160701-DSC_2804.jpg