We just got home from our annual pilgrimage to Idaho. Here’s a quick recap while I try to catch up on life at home:

1 month and 1 day
More than 50 hours in the car
Almost 3,000 miles
A couple round trip plane tickets
4 stops at Costco/Sams Club
1 family reunion
Over 100 spikeball games
1 dental emergency (Hallie’s broken tooth…again)
11 times watching Kung Fu Panda 3
2,300 pictures
Helped 1 brother move
1 camping trip
Swam in 2 pools
2 sick kids
4 different beds
Walked around 2 temple grounds
Played at 13 parks/playgrounds
9 times listening to the Annie Soundtrack
Learned 3 new board/card games
Celebrated 3 birthdays
1 small town parade and a rodeo
2 fireworks shows
Ran into 4 people we knew on BYU-Idaho campus
6 items ordered from Amazon
Listened to 7 years on the piano 37 times (it might have been more)
2 visits to Chick-fil-a, 2 McDonalds, 1 Subway, 1 Burger West, 1 Cafe Rio, 3 Pizza places
10 loads of laundry
2 state parks
Way too many late nights and early mornings.

I think it would feel better to be home if we hadn’t been welcomed to Arizona with 110 degree weather! Although nothing can replace sleeping in your own bed. Time to start editing photos!