He learned a few tricks while he was in Idaho. One afternoon while playing with him on the floor, he rolled from his stomach to his back. I didn’t quite see the action so I figured one of the kids rolled him over. So I put him back on his stomach and he quickly rolled back over. We played this game over and over again. At first he surprised himself. After that he was surprised by how excited we all were with him rolling over. The next day he was on his back and he rolled to his stomach. Within two days we went from stationary and safe to mobile and unpredictable.

As much as I love the rolling stage, it’s the beginning of the safety freak out mode. They no longer stay in one spot and little toys have to be picked up. He can no longer hang out on the bed or couch. But the plus side is he’ll start rolling over to sleep on his stomach. Fingers crossed it improves his sleeping after our vacation sleeping blunder.
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