I feel like starting solids with babies is a necessary evil. In fact it ranks low on things I enjoy doing – pretty close to potty training. But we’re doing it and I know 4 months from now it will be much better.

Until then, I put a spoon in his mouth and only a 1/3 stays in his mouth, the rest dribbles down his chin. Which I scoop off and feed him again, but this time only a 1/4 stays in his mouth. The whole time I’m holding his hands so I can get the spoon close to his mouth and as I go to reload the spoon with more rice cereal, he blows raspberries with the biggest smile on his face. The first time it was pretty cute and funny. And even the second time it was pretty entertaining as he surprised himself when food splattered on his face. After that it just created more mess to clean up and less food that he actually consumed. But I am nothing if not persistent!
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