We spent fourth of July in Idaho – it’s becoming a tradition. I may not get to see my side of the family on major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but we’ve got the fourth of July with them and I love it more and more each year.

My love for color coordinated clothing, bbq and fireworks runs deep and I love celebrating our country’s independence. It’s a feel good day.

My extended family gathered in Rexburg this year and we enjoyed the small town, yet lengthy parade that the town put on. They threw out buckets of candy and otter pops and some kind and loving dentist threw toothbrushes. Surprisingly, the toothbrush was a hit with my kids. We had lofty plans for an afternoon in the park (which we observed was way too crowded for our comfort) which turned into an afternoon at the house where kids could take naps and we could play spikeball.

We also had lofty plans to go to Idaho Falls to see one of the largest firework shows…but it was really windy and would possibly be cancelled. It too would be crowded and we would all be stuck in traffic driving back late with tired kids. We saved ourselves the headache and instead went to the local firework stand and bought a large box of things we could light on fire!

We sat on the driveway, bundled in sweatshirts and blankets and watched our own little show. Never in a million years could we wear a sweatshirt on Independence day in Arizona! It was perhaps a little too chilly for my liking, but then again I believe my blood has thinned since moving here!