Our final stretch in our month long summer vacation road trip was to my parents house. In years past, this stop has been a little bit longer which has given me time to do a couple projects such as cleaning out their garage, building in closet shelving or having my dad help build a table that he so lovingly helped me attach to the top of my car for the drive down!

This year the stay was a little shorter. We had time to play with cousins, see a couple friends and enjoy the beauty of Idaho. With 5 kids we travel with Thule on the roof so it would be difficult to bring a project home anyway!

First things first – my parents are amazing to let us stay with them every summer. I know it’s not easy to have people stay with you for any period of time and 5 children makes it a little chaotic. My parents might even say really chaotic. They turn their lives upside down to accommodate us and I love our time with them. Chaos and all.

Hunter’s highlight of the trip sadly has no pictures to prove it even happened. He went on a camping trip with his cousin, my brother, my dad and some of the local scouts. I heard stories of fishing and rain and fishing and treats and more fishing. Sounds like a total downer to me, but he was in heaven.

Hunter’s second favorite part of the trip – time at my brother’s house where he practiced his archery skills.

When he wasn’t hunting or fishing, he was collecting treasures from the mountains and rivers – mostly shell casings. Not surprising, we were in Idaho.

Bennett’s favorite spot was on the four wheeler or the little motorcycle my brother has. My brother was a good sport as he took him round and round and round some more around his property.

We went to many parks – the favorite being the “Death Park”, kindly coined by my sister-in-law who grew up going to this same park and all the original playground equipment is still in tact. You know all the equipment that has since been removed from every park in America because their too dangerous; long metal slides that burn you all the way down, fast metal merry-go-rounds, large metal monkey bars and teeter totters taller than me. I’m shocked we walked away from that park with only minor injuries after going to it so many times!

Not surprising – we were able to fit in a couple games of spikeball and frisbee golf.

I’m pretty sure his face looked like this for two weeks!

To be continued…