After our week in Utah, we moved on to Idaho. Steve’s parents have a house in Rexburg from when they served a mission there. If they were in the country, they would spend their summer there – but they’re in Africa, so we enjoyed the home for them!

Rexburg is where Steve and I met, fell in love, earned diplomas and brought home our first child. Although 8 months out of the year, the weather leaves much to be desired – there’s 4 months of beautiful weather and that’s when we went to visit. We took the kids on campus and showed them around. We had made arrangements to visit some people we knew and we were surprised to run into several more people who we never thought in a million years we’d run into. It’s a small world!

My family joined us in Rexburg for a pseudo reunion – we threw it out to the family that we would be staying at the house and invited anyone to join us if they were available. Everyone except one brother-in-law made plans to be there and we had ourselves a good time.

We celebrated my birthday the day after we arrived. Steve got up in the wee hours of the morning to make a run to walmart to gather supplies. He decorated the kitchen, supplied the birthday bucket and even made me a cake.

Being in Rexburg over Independence day was quite the treat – small towns know how to throw a party. The trick was trying to find activities that were suitable for the tweens, the baby/little kids and the pregnant lady. I think we kept everyone entertained.

We went to the local rodeo one evening and enjoyed the show. However, it always makes me a little nervous when I see kids on the other side of the fence competing. This is how we all looked at times:

We went and explored a civil defense cave. Even after reading the plaque at the opening, I’m still not entirely sure what the caves were used for, if they were used at all. However, if during the cold war there was ever a nuclear threat, this place was where you wanted to be.

We traveled in to the depths of the cave with flashlights in hand and coats on our backs.
There was some difficult terrain, but mostly uneven terrain and yet we had three two year olds handle it like champs.

We went to the carousel, the splash pad, the water park, visited the temple, spent hours playing spikeball and stayed up late into the night playing games.

And I would’ve thought 4 1/2 days together would’ve been plenty of time, but we could’ve stayed longer – there were still things on our list we didn’t make it to. Yellowstone – we’re coming for you next year!