Just before school started, we worked to get everyone settled in their new sleeping spaces. Bennett moved into Hunter’s room which he was painfully excited about, Hunter on the other hand not so much. Hunter hasn’t ever shared a room and he was less than excited at the prospect of someone touching his legos!

Cannon moved from the crib downstairs into a big boy bed upstairs. And Briggs graduated from the portable crib in the laundry room to the room with a full-size crib. It was quite the process to get everyone moved around.

And since we were moving everyone around, it seemed like a good time to clean out closets and purge some junk. Every room looked like this:

Piles of clothing that fit. Piles that were too small and needed to be passed down. Piles that need to donated.

And while we were moving rooms around, I figured it was time to replace the old twin bed and move the twin bed I made for Hallie a few years back into Cannon’s new room since she upgraded to a queen size bed. It was a lot of moving!

And we got everyone squared away just in time for school. The first day of school Bennett and Hunter both rushed off and didn’t make their beds. That night I reminded them that their beds are to be made every morning before they leave their room. Three weeks have since passed and I was just telling Steve, they’ve been rockstars and have only missed making their beds one time.

I may have spoke too soon.

Last night I went to tuck them in later than usual and I found Bennett sleeping on top of his made bed. Hunter shared with me that Bennett has been sleeping like that every night so he doesn’t have to make his bed! Sneaky kid!