It sounds cliche to say, “It’s hard to believe he’s 6 months” but its true. He’s definitely past the cuddly infant stage and he’s on the brink of being mobile. He’s not a fan of rice cereal, but he loves bananas, apples and pears. His biggest milestone is sleeping without the swaddle. This may seem like a minor accomplishment to most, but our kids love to be swaddled. (Cannon was swaddled for ever and even after we took him out, he didn’t sleep so I broke down and put him back in!)

Briggs is one of our better sleepers and I started weaning him off much sooner than the others. For a while it was one arm in, one arm out and then it was gone all together. We had a couple rough nights, but I think we’re through the tough part. He’s loving his arms and he’s all over the crib.
Briggs Weekly Photo 26 weeks