You only turn 8 years old once in your life and Hunter has been counting down the days. In fact yesterday, he was counting down the hours. We’re all excited that his birthday has officially arrived.

We celebrated with lunch at school (which Bennett and Hallie also benefited from) and “sugar snap cookies” for his class. Hunter told me he wanted doughnuts or sugar snap cookies as a treat for his class. You mean snickerdoodles? Yes, the ones with the frosting? You mean sugar cookies? Oh, that’s what I meant Hunter turns 8

His very own scriptures with his name on them. They were in a case when he opened up the gift and he said excitedly, “A new lunchbox – this is a really heavy lunchbox!”

Hunter turns 8


Hunter turns 8Hunter turns 8

Tonight we had a service project over at Steve’s parents house, helping them prepare for some painting and remodeling. Hunter wasn’t too keen on the idea of spending his birthday doing this – but once he found out his cousins would be there, he was all in. Once all the work was done all the cousins were outside playing soccer and we ended the night with a cake to celebrate.

Hunter turns 8

Hunter’s request was sprinkles in and on half of the cake. Not the whole cake – just half of the cake. Funny kid. His church teacher dropped off a milkshake when we got home. It was a good day to turn 8!

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