I have a firm belief that moms shouldn’t get sick. It seems as though the world falls off its axis when mom is down. I started coming down with something Monday night. Which got worse on Tuesday. And although hard to believe even worse on Wednesday. And today is feeling more like Tuesday.

Hallie started coming down with something on Tuesday while at school. Which has continued to get worse. Fingers crossed her Friday is like my Thursday and she starts to mend.

Both our beds look like this:
moms shouldn't get sick
Empty Sprite cans, empty gatorade, water bottles/cups, plates and napkins that once held toast, a convenient throw-up bucket – our rooms are looking real good!

I sent Steve off to work on Tuesday thinking I would be fine. He came home for lunch and checked in on us which was great and headed back to work. I called him an hour later letting him know it had gone from bad to worse and he was needed. Of course being sick that long and nursing, I was fighting dehydration as well which took it’s toll.

Steve was a champ and took over the homelife. He called his mom in for reinforcements for about two hours while he stepped out which just happened to be the time that Hallie decided to start throwing up. It’s been a pretty ugly week so far. Several thoughts cycled through my head.
1. Moms shouldn’t get sick – ever.
2. Steve was my knight in shining armor making me comfortable, making Hallie comfortable, managing a baby and taking on the homework and mealtimes. (We do have a dishwasher full of bowls if that’s any indication as to what kind of food is being consumed!)
3. Hats off to single parents that deal with this regularly. You are amazing in every way and you possess a strength I can’t comprehend.  I took care of Briggs for two short hours on Wednesday afternoon (while the other kids watched a movie) when Steve had a meeting and it took everything out of me, I took a two hour nap when he got home! Or putting the kids to bed in my condition…forget about it.

I’m hoping we’re in the clear, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend. Fingers crossed that we don’t have another kid wake up tomorrow feeling sick!