I have blogged for over 9 years. Which is longer than the average marriage length of 8.8 years according to the Huffington Post!

When I started, I had just one kid and we lived miles and miles away from most of our family. And I’ve been consistent with it ever since. All those years ago, I started on the blogger platform because it was free and that’s the only one I knew of at the time. It didn’t take long for me to recognize the shortcomings of the free platform, but it served it’s purpose.

For several years, I’ve had friends telling me I should switch to wordpress because of the increased capabilities to design and otherwise. It only took me four years to follow their advice. The tipping point for me was the photo service I used, Photobucket, that just kept crashing leaving my blog void of any photos. I realized I needed to host all my own photos in hopes that they’ll be there when I need them. I started the migration process two weeks ago and then didn’t do much with it until this weekend, when I made the official switch.

Most of the design elements of my blogger site I recreated. However, you’ll notice a few things look and function different. It’s a work in progress and I’m learning along the way. Some links may be broken as I pulled over 1800 old posts and imported them. I’ve got some behind the scenes legwork ahead of me as I fine tune – but the switching from blogger to wordpress is complete.  (I almost paid someone to migrate the blog for me, but then I found a fantastic tutorial on the process. It was easier than I thought.)
Nine years in and Life With Fingerprints 2.0 just got underway…long overdue!