These two little boys were destined to be friends. Their fathers were best friends growing up.

We announced the same day after dinner and Survivor that we were having boys – we figured either we’d both have boys and they’d be best buddies or we’d have a boy and a girl and they’d end up marrying. Oddly enough the thought of us both having girls never crossed my mind!

Here we are two weeks before I had my baby…


And his little buddy arrived 6 weeks later.


And then Briggs was there to support him on his blessing day, in which he was wearing Brigg’s blessing outfit. That’s real friendship!


And then they grew out of the cute squishy newborn stage and became mobile babies. Babies that steal each other’s pacifiers and get in one another’s space. Babies that take turns crying so we really never have quiet get togethers. They are definitely tag teaming us. And wouldn’t you know we found matching outfits for them. I bought these when I had Cannon and my sister was also having a boy. I pictured the two of them wearing matching outfits until my sister kindly informed me she wouldn’t put her kid in a romper. Cannon wore it and passed it on to Briggs and the other one sat in a box new with tags. Glad I found someone to give it to that I didn’t mind matching!



The youngest child of the family and the oldest child of the family – should make for a fun and exciting friendship. Class of 2035!