We went to Utah last week for our fall break. We made a two day stop in southern Utah to enjoy the beauty of the red rock and our favorite national park, Zion. I strapped this guy to my chest and we walked and hiked and walked some more. We logged many miles that day and Briggs was a champ. He was overly exhausted by the time we boarded the canyon shuttle and I was second guessing our plans to hike with five kids for the day.



But once we started on the path towards the Narrows, the movement, beauty and peace of the area lulled him to sleep. He missed the beautiful fall leaves. The narrowing canyon. The rock skipping. The aggressive squirrels. The trail games. He missed it all. He awoke two hours later as we made our way back out of the canyon. He did manage to stay awake the entire time we hiked canyon overlook and enjoyed it’s majestic view.

Hiking looks good on him. Long car rides on the other hand…not so good. In fact miserable and really bad!