After we introduced Briggs to Zion national park over fall break – we drove north and spent the rest of the week with family. Utah is beautiful in the fall. Arizona has some great qualities but “Beautiful fall” is not on the list. Last year we enjoyed Colorado’s fall beauty and this year we enjoyed Utah’s beauty. Yellow, orange and red trees, with leaf piles abounding. Cooler weather with long sleeve shirts. It was just what we needed for the week.

Briggs saw his cousins and extended cousins (for the first time) at the reunion. He wore socks and shoes and sweatshirts and spent time in the grass.

Briggs 33 weeks

He’s army crawling everywhere which means his clothes are dirty (which just goes to show how dirty our wood floors are) and his little toes have skin rubbed off from pushing off with his big toe.

He’s moved into stranger danger mode and tends to cry when anyone else is holding him, which is unfortunate because there always seems to be someone wanting to hold him.

He still doesn’t like car rides. Our car ride to and from Utah was made even longer with an unhappy baby in the car. Steve volunteered to drive the whole time with his noise canceling headphones, while I sat in the back trying to keep him happy. I’m hoping by next summer car rides are more manageable!