It was this time last year that we were enjoying the beautiful red rock of Moab, Utah and Arches National Park. Our young family of four kids, with my expanding pregnant belly, hiking through the dirt and sagebrush. My older kids climbing up and over rocks and exploring. It was pretty great.

Moab National Parks

National Parks

One year later, same fall break, we’re hitting up our favorite national park – Zion. Now with 5 kids in tow, one carried on my chest, one carried on Steve’s back, (We’re ditching the stroller this time around!) I’m sure we’ll get the same crazy looks from tourists, “Are they all your kids?” Yes they are and our love of national parks runs deep. So much so, we want them to experience them over and over again. Even if its not convenient or ideal – and we’re sticking to easy hikes – no angel’s landings for this group anytime soon!

Also – Don’t forget those with fourth graders can get a free national park pass for the year. We took advantage of it last year and wish we had it again this year!