We call her our favorite daughter. She is quick to remind us she’s our only daughter.

Hallie is the child that made me a mother and she’s also the child that made me question that decision! She went from being the most difficult baby, to the most loving and patient older sister to her four brothers. We tell them daily just how lucky they are to have a sister who is as good to them as she is.

It’s hard to believe she’s 11. 11 going on 18!



















A couple things about Hallie:

When she sees one of her brother’s in need, she is quick to jump up to help them. If there is a crying baby, she picks them up. If Cannon needs help with his shoes, she puts them on. She is a huge helper and she does it without being asked.

She’s got a sense of humor and the older she gets, the better her timing gets.

She’s not a tomboy, but she’s not super girly either. She likes to have her nails painted and a necklace on, but she doesn’t fuss about clothes and she always jumps in with backyard football, obstacles courses or diving competitions.

She saves money. When you ask her what she’s saving for she can’t give you anything specific. Just saving because she likes to see a high number in her account.

She used to be a big reader when she was little and she’s kind of grown out of that interest, but she loves reading books to her brothers.

Her favorite restaurant is Panda Express. She loves the chow mein and orange chicken.

She loves traditions. I’m loving this because I’m turning more and more over to her to do for our traditions and she loves it. Win-Win.

She’s now to the age that she chooses shopping with me over staying at home and watching a movie. I love my shopping buddy. And no matter what errands we’re running, she wants one of the stops to be Target.

I love this girl with every fiber of my being and the older she gets, the more I enjoy her. And she couldn’t be more excited to be 11!