I remember the days when I had two little kids, I worked at Pottery Barn Kids and I bought their Halloween costumes at a huge discount. Steve and I didn’t ever dress up and it was easy.

Halloween Costumes

Granted it was usually pretty chilly and most of the pictures looked like this, with winter jackets over the darling costumes!

Halloween Costumes

Fast forward a couple years, and suddenly all the adults in our neighborhood dress up. And buying the costumes is now expensive without the fantastic discount so I end up making a lot of the costumes. I’m usually buying things here or there to complete the costume, but there is much more effort. And it also doesn’t help that I enjoy family costumes which takes a little more planning and usually a lot more time on my part.

My laundry room/sewing room has been a disaster for two weeks. It started out as a nice pile for every costume I was working on. But the closer we got, the more the kids pulled things from their pile to try on and I was trying to finish last minute touches. There are no more piles. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if everything is ready.

Halloween mess

There’s fabric, foam, wigs, felt, wood, hot glue, face paint, ribbon, zippers…it’s a disaster. I couldn’t wash a load of laundry right now if I needed to. And tomorrow it will be done. The costumes will be complete, worn, spilled on and packed away for another year. Happy Halloween!