We’ve got school spirit…yes we do…

No, but really. Not only do we love the school our kids go to – but we love the schools they will go to. The same schools their cousins attend. The same school my husband attended and his siblings attended. You see a pattern right? They all loved the area and schools enough to move their families back!


The high school homecoming parade might be the best 4 minute parade we’ve ever attended. It’s the quality, not quantity! There’s a float for each grade level, the homecoming court, band and cheerleaders. That’s it. And with so few floats, you ask what is the draw to attend?

school-pride-2-of-4 school-pride-3-of-4 school-pride-4-of-4

Besides the school spirit and the fact that we had cousins on two different class floats as well as the band and cheer – its the crazy amounts of candy the kids collect. You’d expect a 4 minute parade to throw minimal candy – not the case. My kids love this parade because they walk away with a large bag of candy. Let the sugar season begin!