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If you’re looking for a fun gift for a kid or adult – we’ve found the perfect book!

Last year at Christmas time, there was a knock on the door. When the kids opened the door they found a stocking filled with candy and book sitting on the door mat. The book was put under the Christmas tree and somewhat forgotten until after Christmas when we were taking everything down. It was a book. It appeared to be a children’s book, and yet there wasn’t a single picture in the whole book. In fact it’s title is the The Book With No Pictures, written by BJ Novak (who happens to be the “intern” from the old tv show “The Office”).

The book with no pictures

I thumbed through it before putting it on the bookshelf and quickly realized I needed to read the whole thing. I was sitting on the couch by myself chuckling. When Steve got home, I told him he needed to read it to the kids. They were dying laughing – there’s no plot – but its written creatively.

When my brother came to visit, we had him read the book to the kids. And it was just as funny.

When my dad came – he read it.

When my mom visited, the kids pulled it off the shelf for her to read.

The book with no pictures

You can see a pattern – my kids think it is pretty funny for every guest in our house to read them this book. And everyone reads so differently that it never gets old.

I’m pretty sure we have 6 recordings of different people reading this book to our kids and every time it gets the best reaction, both from the kids and the person reading the book for the first time.

I’m not sure who left The Book With No Pictures on our doorstep last year, but I thank them. It gets a laugh every single time.