Its fall. (Hard to believe when it’s still 90+ degrees, but fall nonetheless). And fall means football. Our weekends seem to be engulfed with football lately and this weekend is no different.

In fact, the weekend was kicked off a little early with our first football game of the weekend played tonight. BYU vs BSU. Steve is a big BYU fan, along with most of his family. I’m not a BYU fan but I’m a big BSU fan. We all wore clothing for our preferred team tonight. Although Hunter also wore a Packers jersey over his BSU shirt because they were also playing tonight. It’s hard to love so many teams! Thank you BSU for not disappointing me tonight!

Weekend Football

Hunter started his first organized sport this fall and he chose football. He has a game Saturday morning and they’ve yet to win a game. Luckily he’s playing with friends and he’s still having a good time, but he’d still like to know what it feels like to score more points than the other team!

Weekend Football

And after Hunter’s game there’s bound to be a good game we need to watch on TV. Steve will volunteer for baby duty so he has a good reason to sit on the couch and watch. I’ll be in and out of the room trying to get stuff done – wondering to myself how many hours already we’ve logged in football for the weekend.

Weekend Football Weekend Football Weekend Football

And to wrap up our Saturday, Steve will take a couple kids to the ASU game vs Washington. We have season tickets with Steve’s brother and some of our friends so the kids have gone to many games this season. I’ve made it to one game and it might be the only one I see this season. I’ll stay home and get the littles in bed and then have some computer time, Steve will be out late with the others. And we both wonder the next morning why we let the kids stay out so late!

That is how we enjoy fall in Arizona; a weekend of football. But there’s a part of me that longs for the beautiful fall colors and cooler temps – wishing we were visiting a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard. Enjoy fall wherever you are!