He experienced his first Halloween and he was a champ. He dressed up as one of the Chick-Fil-A cows and although he didn’t collect any candy, he went to every house and was content as could be in his chariot (the stroller).

Chico-Fil-A costume


He’s army crawling everywhere which leaves his clothes filthy and his knees bruised. He gets his belly off the ground on all fours, but he doesn’t get very far, but he’s close. We’re having to be vigilant in making sure every microscopic thing is off the floors or it will go in his mouth and he will begin the gagging process and Bennett will inevitably start shouting, “Don’t die Briggs, don’t die!” He’s been extra needy and whiny this week and waking up a lot at night – I having a feeling teething is in our very near future.