I am not one to talk politics in open forums and especially this blog. But I just want it recorded that I have waited for this day for almost a year – the end of election day 2016. I’m ready to stop seeing political ads on TV. I tired of friends on Facebook on both extremes ranting and raving. I’m tired of seeing the campaign posters on the corner of every major intersection. I’m tired of the heated conversations I continually hear – that never end well. And tonight the majority of it ends and I’m excited. I may not love the outcome, but I’m excited for it to wrap up. Bring on the Christmas commercials!

Election day 2016

We turned in our ballots and got our “I Voted” stickers and it was probably the most thought through and agonized vote I’ve placed. I’ve had my early ballot for a long time and we sat at the kitchen table this morning making it official. Throughout the year, our children have learned about the election and candidates in their classrooms (where they’ve been taught very biased information at times) and they too cast their votes today. And we’ve spent the entire evening watching the results come in. And regardless of who wins, the country moves forward. Some will be happy and others won’t. Policies and laws will be made. And once again some will be happy and others won’t. And we all move on. We’re a country of very diverse individuals and choosing one person to represent the whole is hard. We’ve got a lot of work as citizens to love, respect and serve one another before we can expect a president to fix all our problems.

I’ve reminded the kids that regardless of the outcome its important for them to remember that mom and dad are the presidents of this house and that’s all they need to worry about!

I did get a picture and video from Bennett’s teacher where every kid was campaigning to be the president of the class.


The video is a little hard to hear but if he were president he would make sure every kid had a home. And that’s why kids are awesome. I would vote for Bennett. Although he didn’t vote for himself – when he came home and I asked if he voted for himself he looked surprised, “No, I voted for Vinny.”