Every year amid tinsel and garland, we celebrate our anniversary. And every year the same thought crosses my mind, “What in the world were we thinking getting married five days before Christmas?” But we were young and in love and we didn’t worry about things like that!



I don’t often talk about Steve on the blog, besides his birthday, so you probably have a hard time comprehending his goodness and tenderness. But he is good to the core. He is kind and mindful of others and always builds people up. He is everything good in our marriage.

I’m reminded daily of just how much I need him. We often light heartedly use the phrase, “We are better together” – but I believe it with all my heart. It is evident in most everything I do. I need his comfort when kids are pushing me beyond measure. I need his advice when I’m working through problems and needing solutions. I need his listening ear when I just need to vent or talk. I need him. 13 years and I need him more now than every before. I love this guy.