We have some great friends from our college days. And despite our very strongest persuasive efforts, we haven’t lived near them in almost 11 years and we miss them dearly. We’re grateful for dental conferences in Arizona in the winter time that allow us to see them.

Our time was short together, but we packed a lot in. We hiked Camelback mountain one morning. That hike always sounds like a good idea and then when I’m half way up and I’m tired of scaling boulders, I wonder why I ever suggested it. But good company is the key and we had a good time. The boys even tried their parkour skills as we made our descent. staceys-trip-2016-4-of-7




We figured hiking earned us a trip (or perhaps multiple trips) to the local Soda Shop where we devoured many sugar and oatmeal cookies. We made it part of our nightly routine before we parked it at the kitchen table and played games late into the night.



And because Stacy is my crafting soul sister, we worked on a little wood project that she could take back with her on the plane. We obviously made a miscalculation if we thought this was actually going to fit in her suitcase. I got this picture as they were boarding!



We couldn’t ask for better friends. We love them. We look forward to our conversations. We enjoy the games we play. We adore their children. And I may never stop campaigning to get them closer! 🙂