We told the kids they could come out of their rooms at 7:30 Christmas morning. Hallie was the first one up but no confirmation on the time she woke up! She proceeded to wake up Bennett and Hunter – who finally woke us up at 7:31 – Briggs woke up shortly after.


This was the first year the kids did sibling gifts where they each drew a name of someone else. At this age it’s just more work on mom and dad but they were so excited to give to each other. Hallie and Hunter used their own money and purchased gifts for everyone. Bennett paid for his through service and Cannon paid for his with a flash of his smile! They loved picking out gifts for one another.



Hallie has wanted a locker for a while – it was the first thing on her Christmas list. She easily could’ve purchased it herself but she is a saver, not a spender. So she patiently waited for Christmas so she could get it. She’s excited to lock up all her candy, chapstick and markers so her brothers can’t take them.


Topping Hunter’s list was walkie talkies. He told me he wanted these more than Legos – which for him is saying a lot! They have been the most used Christmas gift this week.


Bennett was the most fun to watch this year. Everything was amazing and awesome and he was so excited about everything. He was giving fist pumps left and right. Five years old is a fun age on Christmas morning – especially when you’re animated like Bennett.


Cannon is still a little young to fully understand Christmas – but he enjoyed ripping the paper off. He was more than happy with his presents. Three year olds are easy to please!


Briggs’ first Christmas was a typical first Christmas…uneventful. He had two presents to open and one that was unwrapped under the tree (one from both grandparents and one from us). And yet one present is still wrapped under the tree for him! And his favorite gift was the Rody horse that Cannon received! He likes chewing on the ears!





After two hours – our living room looked like this. (See the cart down there that Steve gave me for my air compressor. He loves me!)


We were fortunate enough to have Steve’s parents join us for the morning. I’m sure they had flashbacks of Christmas mornings from years ago with all their children.


We quickly got our monkey bread made and devoured before we went to church. I usually make this with cans of biscuits – this year I tried it with cans of cinnamon rolls – it was amazing. We’ll use cinnamon rolls from now on!



We opened a few more presents from my parents after we got back from church so we could skype with them.

christmas-day-2016-3606 christmas-day-2016-3607 christmas-day-2016-3619 christmas-day-2016-3622

Late afternoon we went to Steve’s parents house where we met up with excited cousins telling us about fun Christmas gifts and they played and played and we ate and ate.

christmas-day-2016-3661 christmas-day-2016-3677 christmas-day-2016-3642 christmas-day-2016-3672 christmas-day-2016-3670

That night we loaded back in the car with tired happy kids. Christmas was over. We had a beautiful season. So much goodness. We’ll be living on this high for a while.