Christmas Eve was the peak of all excitement and for a few of the kids it was just about too much to handle. The morning consisted of board games and football. Steve has been teaching the kids strategy games and they’re good which means no one is letting anyone win!


The afternoon was chilly and rainy – abnormal for us – which meant the kids weren’t outside playing which made them even more anxious. Decorating cookies for Santa helped pass the time.


Some did more decorating, some did more eating. All of Cannon’s Santa cookies were missing limbs or heads – or he licked them! Only the best for Santa!




After dinner with our neighbors, we read Luke 2 and the kids acted out the nativity (always my favorite part of the night – you never know what kind of production you’ll get!). We sang songs, there were piano musical numbers – all great things. The kids opened their Christmas pajamas and got cozy for the reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas. And then they tried their hardest to settle down and not think about how awesome the next morning was going to be!





Christmas Eve

Steve and I were loving the fact that we had all our wrapping done and we could enjoy a quiet evening amidst the glow of the tree. We sat and talked for over an hour – conversations are always better in this magical environment. And then the house was quiet and peaceful and Santa made his visit.