My very favorite holiday of the year is fast approaching and my favorite month of year has arrived. Every year about this time as I’m filling out the monthly calendar, there’s this feeling of wanting to capture every feeling, smell and moment – which of course is impossible. And instead, in my attempt to fit every thing in, I miss a lot. But this year I’ve been working hard to get things done before December so that I can truly enjoy this season. There is still a mountain of activities we will be participating in, but we’re refocusing.

I love this campaign our church has come out with to aid in the refocusing process, Light the World. There is a daily Christ-like activity to remind us the reason for the season and the ultimate source of light.  Many of the tasks are very simple, and you might find you complete it without much effort. But it’s the simple moments that keep us focused.

Our family is working to complete this calendar. We’ll fall short and miss some days – that’s life, but thats okay. It’s something our kids are looking forward to participating in and how can you argue with kids who want to be Christ-like? You can’t! We kicked off the calendar with service tonight. What a great way to start the holiday season. Lets work together to Light the World.

Light The World Light The World

You can get daily reminders and videos at