It’s the final weekend before Christmas and to say the anticipation is building would be a vast understatement. We drove through the neighborhood tonight delivering goods. There was crying and screaming and fighting and I think we really captured the spirit of Christmas. Some moments are better not photographed!

The gifts are purchased and wrapped which is a relief, although there’s still a homemade gift I’m working on.  It feels good. And now we get to enjoy the weekend.

This is what last weekend had in store for us – installing a new garage door opener. We knew it was coming to the end of its life back in August and we squeezed out a couple more months. We had not been able to open it for weeks so we figured it was time. It was a surprisingly painless process. We almost hired it out due to time constraints but I cringe at hiring something out I know we’re capable of. It took the better part of the morning, but it was easy, just a lot of steps. And now we can open/close the garage door on our phones.


We also hit the bike park with cousins. Its hard to believe the weatherman when he reports frigid temperatures sweeping across most of the country and we’re outside looking like this. My kids are just excited the temperatures are out of the 90s and it’s bike season again!


The kids have a cousin party tonight at Steve’s parents house, Steve is gearing up to watch the new star wars movie with a friend tonight, we’ve got nothing but a few errands for tomorrow and our Christmas program at church on Sunday. It’s going to be a great weekend.