I was driving in the car with Hallie when I noticed a serious look on her face. I love when people are deep in thought and they have no idea that it’s written across their forehead. I asked her what she was thinking about and immediately she looked at me and started laughing. Nothing. I pushed a little more and she admitted that she was daydreaming about something that could never happen and she started laughing. It was so random and she got the giggles just telling me.

I confessed I too daydream. A lot. Probably more frequently than I should. In fact I confessed to her that I have a reoccurring daydream – I’ve won a large lottery but I can’t let anyone know, except Steve. At first, Hallie didn’t quite understand, “Well, you would tell us right? And grandma and grandpa?” Nope – only Steve would know. “But that would be really hard, you wouldn’t really be able to spend the money or people would find out.” Exactly. That’s why it’s such a fun day dream. We spent the next twenty minutes in the car going over different scenarios on how to keep the winnings a secret. It was an amusing conversation.

Here are some of the ideas:
Donate the money – although she was concerned that the church would find out when we pay our tithes!
Build an underground addition to our house with all sorts of fun activities – but we wouldn’t tell our kids about it – we’d play underground after they went to bed.
Tell people Steve got an amazing promotion at work.
Steve could buy businesses without anyone knowing.
Hallie suggested that Steve could upgrade his 2001 Honda Accord to a new car because most people wouldn’t think that was weird. (I laughed pretty good on that one!)
We could go on vacations and just tell people we’re camping.

We came to realize that most of the ideas required lying to everyone we knew. Which would be a pretty stinky way to live the rest of your life. So we mutually agreed to not win any lottery that required us to keep it a secret. Isn’t daydreaming awesome!!