Roald Dahl Quote

As we navigate the world of pre-teen girls, I find myself repeating the same advice over and over again to Hallie.  Be you and be kind and people will love you for that. I’m realizing that I’m parenting a child who is in circumstances I never found myself in. I didn’t see my friends on Instagram having a good time without me. Nor did I have friends with cell phones with the lack of maturity to know how to use them.

I grew up in a day where if you wanted to talk to someone you called them on their landline and chances are their parents answered! Now, I’ve got a daughter who’s already wanting a phone because all of her friends are texting to do stuff and she’s not included. It’s a completely different ball game and it’s a game that makes girls (and even boys and even grown adults) feel like their always losing. So we practice focusing on the good and the kind.

I love what Roald Dahl says – Good thoughts will shine out of your face…you will always look lovely.

She is one lovely girl, lucky she’s our one and only.